Goodman Capital is a value-oriented real estate investment firm with over 30+ years of cycle-tested experience investing and operating real estate in the New York outer-borough market.


Our Mission

We specialize in sourcing and investing in value-add real estate and distressed debt opportunities that generate consistent annual returns for our investors with additional upside through appreciation of assets. Goodman Capital operates as a fully-integrated platform with an extensive proprietary network for sourcing off-market "below the radar" opportunities in the local New York sub-markets of Brooklyn, Queens, Upper Manhattan and Bronx as well as Long Island.

Investment Strategy

We acquire real estate assets below replacement cost in the supply-constrained New York sub-markets, focusing on under-utilized or inefficiently-operated residential, multifamily, mixed-use and commercial properties as well as defaulted/non-performing loans (NPLs). The Goodman Capital investment team leverages a fully-integrated platform – with in-house legal, loan workout, foreclosure, bankruptcy and property management expertise – in each of our transactions, ensuring an efficient implementation of our value-add turnaround plan. We target deals under $10 million, ensuring limited competition from institutional investors. Our current portfolio of value-add real estate and distressed debt investments in our core New York sub-markets offers investors a diversified investment in a defined geographic market that delivers both consistent annual returns plus additional upside through asset appreciation.


We have built a robust infrastructure network of experienced 3rd party service providers to promote operational efficiency and transparency for all investors.

Securities Counsel

Securities Counsel

CPA Auditor

CPA Auditor

Fund Administrator

Fund Administrator

The Goodman Capital Difference

  • Cycle-tested Management Team

  • Non-correlated Performance

  • Risk-adjusted Returns

  • 100% Investor Alignment

  • Institutional-quality Best Practices

  • Robust Infrastructure

  • Passive Annual Income + Appreciation

  • Low Fees

  • Diversified Portfolio

  • Defined Geographic Market

  • Extensive Sourcing Network

  • Integrated Platform

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